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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Adds 2 New Games, One With Amazing Reviews


  • EA Sports PGA Tour is now available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.
  • Xbox Game Pass has also added Lil Gator Game, a critically acclaimed Action adventure inspired by the open-world Zelda games.
  • The final April 4 change to Microsoft’s subscription catalog concerns Turbo Golf Racing, which is about to receive a massive content update that will officially mark its departure from the Game Preview program.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has added Lil Gator Game and EA Sports PGA Tour to its content library. Aside from this pair of arrivals, another Xbox Game Pass title is leaving the Game Preview program today, meaning it’s about to receive a rather substantial 1.0 update.

EA Sports PGA Tour and Lil Gator Game bring the total number of April 2024 additions to Microsoft’s subscription service up to six. games-lego-2k-drive/”>Xbox Game Pass has already added LEGO 2K Drive, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, F1 23, and Ark: Survival Ascended since the turn of the month.



games-leaving-soon-april-2024-amnesia-back-4-blood/”> April 15 Is Going to Be a Sad Day for Xbox Game Pass Horror Fans

April 15 is going to be a sad day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, especially if they consider themselves fans of the horror genre.

Of the new releases at hand, only Lil Gator Game is available across all tiers of the service bar Xbox Game Pass Core. Meanwhile, EA Sports PGA Tour requires the EA Play add-on, which is an exclusive perk of the Ultimate-tier subscription. That said, the more widely available of the two titles also happens to be the more critically acclaimed one, as Lil Gator Game presently boasts Metacritic Metascores ranging from 80 to 84, while EA Sports PGA Tour‘s ratings are in the mid-70s. Likewise, while EA’s golf sim has “Mixed” user reviews on Steam, Lil Gator Game‘s player impressions on Valve’s platform are in the “Overwhelmingly Positive” territory, with many fans proclaiming it to be one of the games/”>best open-world Action platformers in recent memory.

games-in-april-2024″> New Xbox Game Pass games in April 2024


Date Added






Ark: Survival Ascended

April 1

Survival MMORPG

F1 23

April 2

Racing Sim

Game Pass Ultimate only; non-cloud versions were already added in January 2024.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete


Returning title that was last available in May 2022

LEGO 2K Drive

April 3

Arcade Racer

Lil Gator Game

April 4

Action Adventure

EA Sports PGA Tour

Golf Sim

Game Pass Ultimate only


April 9


Returning title that was last available in March 2021

Botany Manor

Adventure Puzzler

Day-one release

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

April 11

Action Adventure

Harold Halibut

April 16


Day-one release

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

April 23

Action RPG

Another Crab’s Treasure

April 25


Manor Lords

April 26


Although Lil Gator Game has clearly been designed with the youngest audiences in mind, it still promises an adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages. That’s partially because this MegaWobble-developed title takes a lot of inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, especially its recent open-world entries. So, while the ultimate goal of the game is to decorate a cozy island and find some friends to play with, those fairly low stakes are still charmingly framed like an epic adventure, as if viewed through the eyes of a child.

Xbox Game Pass Game Turbo Golf Racing Leaves Early Access Today

The Twin Kingdoms Race In The Wild Race Set In Turbo Golf Racing

Besides Lil Gator Game and EA Sports PGA Tour, the April 4 Xbox Game Pass catalog update is also adding the 1.0 version of Turbo Golf Racing. First released in August 2022 as an early access title, this hectic experience is finally ready to leave the XGP Game Preview program, with its 1.0 patch being set to kick off Season 4: Launch Party. The new season offers 40 rewards, ten extra levels, and a new version of golf mode for eight players, among other novelties. Although Turbo Golf Racing is reminiscent of Rocket League, its core gameplay actually revolves around conventional racing instead of arena-based shenanigans.

Moving forward, at least games-list-botany-manor-harold-halibut/”>seven more titles will reach Xbox Game Pass before the end of the month. The first of those arrivals will be Kona and Botany Manor, both of which are scheduled to be added to Microsoft’s game library on April 9.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the highest tier of Microsoft’s flagship game subscription service that offers over 100 game titles that you can play with a single purchase, making it one of the most outstanding value propositions of the Xbox ecosystem to date.

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