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Tennis 2024 Simulator Switch Game Review

When I first saw Tennis 2024 Simulator, I assumed this was another Midnight Works affair. No, this is by Simulamaker out of Warsaw Poland, who claims on Linked In, “Our team is standing behind of the famous game “I am Jesus Christ…” Well I looked up I am Jesus Christ and found the prologue on Steam. It has positive reviews, but if you look at the reviews, they’re all fake meme reviews. Its free to play, I may just download it for the laughs. Tennis 2024 Simulator is more in line with what they actually produce, crap mobile games. And this is a crap mobile title ported to Switch. I think it is anyway, because its not on their android page. But, as you’ll see, it has mobile roots.

You are ugly in Tennis 2024 Simulator

You start off in Tennis 2024 Simulator on a menu where you pick either free play or tournament. It really doesn’t matter. Next you pick a man or a woman. The stats you see above don’t matter at all. Then you start the game. You swipe to serve the ball, then swipe again when there a circle under you. The ball will travel in whatever direction you swipe in. And that’s it. You keep swiping until the AI decides it wants to lose. There is no skill involved in winning. Just keep swiping when the circle appears, and you will eventually win.

There is no real game play!

Tennis 2024 Simulator is crap, no other way to put it. The graphics are awful. The sound is awful. The game play is non-existent. But have no fear, Simulamaker is not done, they’re releasing another game on Friday. Oh boy, I can’t wait for the complete shit show that will be. I probably will skip it, my backlog is pretty long and I swore I’d make a dent in it by the end of the year. Regardless, do not buy this game, you are wasting your money. Do not let Tennis 2024 Simulator be profitable so Simulamaker will continue releasing shit on the E-Shop.

Overall: Tennis 2024 Simulator is the debut game of Simulamaker, another crap developer from Eastern Europe. Weee!

Verdict: Garbage

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