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Vampire Co-op FPS ‘EvilVEvil’ Coming This Summer to PC, Consoles [Trailer]


games/3602897/evilvevil-combines-co-op-first-person-shooting-vampires/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Remember Toadman Interactive’s vampire first-person shooter EvilVEvil? It’s been a long time coming, but the co-op shooter will finally arrive this year. The developer has announced that the game will launch later this summer for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam. In addition, there will be a PC closed beta kicking off on March 1.

In EvilVEvil, players will take on the role of an ancient vampire and member of The Order of the Dragon, who’s just woken up from their long sleep. You are a divinely ordained protector against Zagreus, an all-powerful evil hell-bent on consuming the essence of humanity to make him into the most powerful being in the universe. The only way to fight this evil is to become evil yourself. Players must give in to their vampiric urges, and cause bloody Armageddon across EvilVEvil’s story campaign, features 11 episodic missions for 1 to 3 players.

As you cut a bloody path through your victims, artifacts and weapon mods are unlocked, giving players the ability to adapt their play style and become more powerful. But of course, fighting Zagreus’ followers is only part it. You’re also rewarded for being the most destructive vampire amongst your friends, and must compete to see who can be the most deadly.

EvilVEvil will launch with three playable characters: Mashaka, who surprises his enemies with a teleport ability, then scorches them with his fire magic; Leon the juggernaut, who specializes in chaining up foe, dragging them towards a devastating fate; and Victoria, the leader of the team, who can send out copies of herself to hunt down enemies before carving them up with her katana.

EvilVEvil is the ultimate power fantasy, a game which dramatically shifts expectations within this genre and allows players to become the hunter instead of the hunted,” says Ola Nilsson, CEO at Toadman Interactive. “We can’t wait for players to join us on this bloody journey.”

As mentioned, the closed beta is scheduled to begin in March, giving players an early look at the game’s frenetic and bloody combat. Registration details for the closed beta are available on the Steam page.

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